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Hall of Fame

At the end of each spring semester, ten seniors are named to the GHS Hall of Fame for that school year.

Considered the highest honor of a student’s high school career, the Hall of Fame recognizes students who have earned attention for their school through their individual service and high performance.

A committee of administrator-appointed faculty determines the Hall of Fame from a pool of students who have applied. Members are selected on a point-based system that considers GPAs, club affiliations, leadership positions, and awards on various levels, from district to national.

Congratulations to this year’s Hall of Fame honorees!

GHS 2022-2023 Hall of Fame

Allison Escobedo
Chloe Gillis
Luke Hardin
Ethan Klinck
Meredith Meriwether
Jadon Reece
Darby Renfro
Jalon Townes
Zion Williams
Kiersten Zinn