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There’s a big learning curve for freshmen entering high school. Many will embark on the greatest four years of their school life. But the time flies by, and before they know it, those freshmen are donning caps and gowns, facing the next phase of their life.

Grenada High School’s counseling department is here to help the four-year journey toward adulthood. They’re watchdogs to keep students on the straight and narrow, test-administrators to keep score of progress, mediators between high school and college, and cheerleaders for when things get overwhelming or confusing. 

Over the course of their high school career, a student at GHS will get many opportunities to speak with the counselors at the designated counseling center across from the main office. They can help students decide which courses to take along their chosen path of study and which academic endorsements to pursue for graduation. 

Counselors work with students to prepare them for college, both guiding them through dual-credit and college-prep courses, state assessments and admissions exams such as the ACT, as well as directing them toward scholarship opportunities and helping them complete the often-rigorous applications. And they can direct a student toward employment and accreditation if he or she chooses to enter the workforce instead of college.

If a student is performing poorly in class, whether it be a problem in the classroom or a learning issue, the counselors are equipped to handle that too. And if the problem goes too far outside the bounds of academics, they have useful resources to get students the help they need.

With training and experience helping young people, the counselors at GHS are adept at showing students how to get the most out of their high school experience.

Have questions or concerns? Contact the Counseling Department through the GHS main office (662-226-8844) to set up a visit.


GHS Academic Counseling Dept.

Grenada High School
1875 Fairground Rd.

Chantel ChandlerDirector

Kathryn CoxAcademic Counselor

Robert JohnsonCounselor

Lisa JonesRegistrar