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Bus Schedules

Textured close=up of pavement with yellow school bus in background

It is impossible to travel every street or road and stop at every house where children live. Bus drivers will be instructed to establish pick up points within a neighborhood where children can gather to board the bus. They will also be let off at these points in the afternoon. If you have any questions regarding routes or pick up points, feel free to call the Transportation Department at 662-226-3771 or Benji Britt at 662-614-2552.

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If you have any questions, please call Grenada School District Transportation Department 662-226-3771.

Route 1 — Bus 681st trip: Chickasaw Drive, Whitehaven, Avenue of Pines, Monroe West of Commerce (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area (Grades 6-12)
Afternoon: same routes and Reaching Rainbow Daycare (Grades K-3 only)

Route 2 — Bus 7W Pecan, W. Govan, Pine, Marshall behind Pennaco, Carpenter Subd, Westland Hills, Wooded Drive

Route 3 — Bus 40One trip: Hickory Hills, Peppertree Apartments, Govan Street behind Pennaco, Thimmes Subdivision, Jones Circle
Kids Kastle Daycare

Route 4 — Bus 741st trip - Poplar from Hwy 8 to Fairfield, College St. from Fairfield to Second St., Telegraph, Rayford, Gayosa, South (Grades K-5)
2nd trip – Same area (Grades 6-12)

Route 5 — Bus 20Begin from corner of Fairfield and Poplar, to Margin, Boone, Lake and Barbee Sts. (Grades K-5)
2 nd trip - Same area (Grades 6-12)

Route 6 — Bus 221st trip: Fairground Rd N of Hwy 8, Dean Drive, Bledsoe St., Poplar, Pecan, Adams St. (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area (Grades 6-12)

Route 7 — Combined with Bus 791st trip: Plum Grades K-5
2nd trip: Same area Grades 6-12

Route 8 — Bus 121st trip: Mound St, Levee St, Berry St, Jefferson St, Walthall Ave, Snider St, College Blvd, Wood St, Jasper Neely Jr. Dr., Franklin St. (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area (Grades 6-12)

Route 9 — Bus 83Oak Grove, Oak Meadows area, Eastview, East End Cir., Live Oak Dr., Mimosa Dr., Maple Lane, Vance Rd.PM: Same routes

Route 10 — Bus 241st trip: Becky Street, Anderson Subdivision, Fox Street, Spain Drive, Brickyard Area, Kershaw, and Bryant St, Mary Ave, Martha Dr (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area Grades (6-12)

Route 11 — Bus 61st trip: Brickyard Area, Kershaw, and Bryant St.  (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area  (Grades 6-12)

Route 12 — Bus 65  1st trip: West side of MLK from Eddie St. to Tower St., Pine Hill Apts., Springhill Rd., McMath Apts., Rayford St.  (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area  (Grades 6-12)

Route 13 — Bus 8  1st trip: Washington Gdn Apts, Washington St., McMath Apts, Cemetery St,  Latham St, Pine Hill St  (Grades K-5) 
2nd trip: Same area  (Grades 6-12)

Route 14 — Bus 13  1st trip: Line St.  (Lizzy Horne School Area), Lynch St., Pearl St. from Lynch to Levee and Levee to Fourth   (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area   (Grades 6-12)

Route 15 — Bus 79 1st trip: Union, Pearl, Cherry W of Commerce St. to Gayosa St., Plum St.   (Grades K-5) 
2nd trip: Same area  (Grades 6-12)

Route 16 — Bus 49 1st trip: Line, South, Union, Cherry, Pearl Street, from College Street to Commerce Street  (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area    (Grades 6-12)      

Route 17 — Bus 42Monroe Trailer Court Area, Van Dorn St., Thomas St., Lamar St., Fairground Rd. S of Hwy 8 for Grades K-5, Meadowbrook Rd East of Hwy 51 South, Gatlin Trailer Court, Powell St., Long St., Pass St., Borden St., Jones Rd.

Route 18 — Bus 71  One trip: Hwy 8 East to Futheyville, EJ Henry Rd., River Rd., Sycamore Circle, Birdsong Cove, O’Brien Hill Road area

Route 19 – Bus 4 1st trip: Sundown area, Sundown Gardens  (Grades 4-5)
2nd trip: Sundown area, Sundown Gardens  (Grades 6-8)

Route 20 — Bus 461st trip: Sundown area, Sundown Gardens  (Grades K-3)
2nd trip: Sundown area, Sundown Gardens  (Grades 9-12)

Route 21 — Bus 63One trip: Dowdle Rd., Apple Valley Rd., Greer Rd., Days Inn Rd., Cavalier Apts.
Afternoon Only: K-5 students need to ride Bus #5 to GHS and get on Bus #57 there

Route 22 — Bus 70One trip: Wildlife League Rd., Hwy 8 to Hugh White Rd., Cedar Hills, Knoxville area

Route 23 — Bus 15One trip: Lamb Rd., Fort Hill Area, Hebron Church Rd., Clay Rd. Area, Overland Dr., includes Hwy 8 East to Hugh White and Hugh White Rd. Area, Deerfield Subdivision

Route 24 — Bus 51One trip: Graysport Rd., Sheridan Estates, Rolling Hills, Red Grass Rd., Hwy 8 to Wildlife League Rd.

Route 25 — Bus 96Graysport Rd., North of Lake

Route 26 — Bus 76One trip: Pleasant Hill Rd., Martin Farm area, Hwy 8 East of Gore Springs, Dividing Ridge Rd., Butputter Rd., Mando Rd., Millhouse Rd.

Route 27 — Bus 31One trip: Pleasant Grove Rd. to Webster County Line, Hankins Circle Area, Dr. King Dr., Hwy 8 to Roadside Park, Old Academy Rd., Gore Springs Rd., Providence Rd.
Afternoon Only: Transfer staff children from Middle and High School to Upper and Lower Elementary

Route 28 — Bus 54One trip: Red Hill Area, Alva Rd., Misterton Rd., Chapel Hill Rd., Dixon Rd., Providence Rd. South, Greensboro Rd., Honeycutt Rd.
McCormick/Grant Rd., Tie Plant School Area (Grades K-5 only)

Route 29 — Bus 56One trip: Nat G. Troutt Rd. East of Elliott, Legion Rd., and Minga Subdivision

Route 30 — Bus 39One trip: Murff Dr., McCain Estates, Glenwild Rd.

Route 31 — Bus 78One trip: Bolton Hill Rd., Sayles Rd., Hwy 51 South, Elliott Area, Country Ridge Rd., Farmington Apts.

Route 32 — Bus 21Sunnycrest Subdivision, Provine Trailer Park, Koppers Dr., Dogwood Park Apts.

Route 33 — Bus 75One trip: Halls Rd. (Nat G Trout Rd. to Mondy Rd.), Pebblecreek Rd., Griffis Rd., Perry Rd., Jackson Avenue Ext.

Route 34 — Bus 321st trip: Mondy Rd., Windmere St., Halls Rd., (End of Mondy Rd. to Carrollton Rd.)  (Grades K-5)
2nd trip: Same area  (Grades 6-12)

Route 35 — Bus 50One trip: Carrollton Rd., Perry Estates
Bountiful Blessing Daycare     

Route 36 — Bus 77One trip: Southeast of Hwy 35 along Sweethome Rd., Billups Rd., Loden Rd., Nason Rd., Mr. Carmel Church Rd., Shelby Chapel Rd., Meadow Brook Rd. west of Hwy 51

Route 37 — Bus 52    One trip: Sweethome Rd., from Highway 8 to Shelby Chapel Rd.      

Route 38 — Bus 5One trip: Nelia Rd., Sweethome/Holcomb Rd., Sims Farm Rd. Area, Dubard Rd., Gillon Rd., Salem Church Rd., Cobb Rd.
Afternoon Only: Transport Bus #63 K-5 students to GHS

Route 39 — Bus 94One trip: Hwy 35 South, Sparta Rd., Hillside Church Rd., Tuscohoma Rd. south of South Main St.

Route 40 — Bus 25One trip: Sparta Rd. to Hillside Rd., Childs Rd., Holcomb area east of  Sparta Rd. 

Route 41 — Bus 44One trip: Tuscohoma Church Rd., Powell St., Tidwell St., Whitfield Rd., Browns Rd., Holcomb South Main, Tuscohoma Church Rd., Loggins Rd., Kingsberry Rd.

Route 42 – Bus 60One trip: Leflore area, Goodson Rd., Malmaison Rd., Hwy 7 to Holcomb, Hwy 8 at  Holcomb

Route 43 — Bus 48One trip: Browns Rd., Long Creek Rd., Mays Rd., Proctor Rd., Carpenter Rd., Old Hardy Rd., Revell Rd., Hwy 51 from Carpenter Rd. to Paper Mill Rd.

Route 44 — Bus 18One trip: Pea Ridge Rd., Mitchell Rd., Strider Rd.         
Afternoon Only: Lake City Kids Daycare  

Route 45 — Bus 30 One trip: Hwy 51 North, Lake Ridge Rd., Hardy Rd., Tarnell Rd., Geeslin Rd. 

Route 46 — Bus 95One trip: Community Rd., Riverdale Rd., Hwy 7 East of 51, Archie Jackson Rd., Wilbourn Rd.

Route 47 — Bus 2One Trip: Eastern Heights Subdivision, Moose Lodge Rd. (Grades K-12)
Afternoon only: Reaching Rainbow Daycare  (Grades K-5)

Route 48 — Bus 16One trip: Wright’s Grocery Area, Scenic Loop 333, Hwy 332, Airport Circle Area

Route 49 — Bus 801st trip: Ranch Schoolhouse Daycare / Ray of Hope Daycare / People With A Purpose Daycare
2nd trip: Tie Plant Area

Route 50 — Bus 1One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 51 — Bus 37One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 52 — Bus 36One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 53 — Bus 14One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 54 — Bus 38One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 55 — Bus 88One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 56 — Bus 3One trip: Handicapped Bus to all schools

Route 57 — Bus 26 (STAFF KIDS Afternoon Only)
1st trip: Staff kids from Upper and Lower Elementary to Old Central Office, Vo-Tech, Middle and High School
2nd trip: Middle School to Boys & Girls Club

Afternoon Only:
ALL GED students are to ride Bus #100 from Tie Plant School to GHS then transfer to their regular bus.

Afternoon Only:
ALL Alternative students are to ride Bus #63 from Tie Plant School to GHS then transfer to their regular bus.


Bus 18 
Lake City Kids
(Bus # 33 in the mornings) 

Bus 2 (K-5) 
Reaching Rainbow
(Bus # 7 in the mornings)

Bus 7
Mrs. Freemon’s 

Bus 40
Kids Kastle

Bus 80
Ranch School House, Ray of Hope, People with a Purpose 

Bus 42
Mrs. Mary’s                               

Bus 50 (K-5)
Bountiful Blessings
(Bus # 33 in the mornings)                                   

Bus 46
Abundant Life (K-3)

Bus 4
Abundant Life (4-5)  

Bus 79
First New Hope Day Care

Bus 100
Little Generations              (Bus # 33 in the mornings) 


(Afternoon Only)
• Bus 26 will transport staff kids from Green Top and Red Top to Special Ed Office (Old Central Office), Career Tech, Middle School, and High School.

• Bus 75 will transport staff kids from the Red Top to the Green Top.

• Bus 31 will transport staff kids from the Middle and High Schools to the Red Top and Green Top.

(Afternoon Only)

Bus  76 – Grades K-3
Bus 31 – Grades4-5
Bus 26 – Grades 6-8