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Visions Show Choir

Director: Jenni Winter

Grenada High School’s show choir Visions combines choral singing, choreographed dancing, drama for a dynamic performing arts ensemble. 

Visions is known across the Southeast for consistently performing some of the most creative shows. The choir competes nationally at the highest level, with intricate choreography and complex vocals that have won the group numerous awards.

Blending music from a myriad of genres — pop, rock, show tunes, and classical, just to name a few — Visions offers something for everyone while also weaving together memorable stories. Complete with elaborate sets and custom costuming, a Visions competition program is always a feast for the eyes. 

Students entering grades 9-12 can audition in the spring. The program director, Jenni Winter, looks for students who can sing on key and are willing to blend in with a group. Great solo voices are sought and welcome but not required. Students should also be willing to dance and able to learn and perform complex choreography. She looks for rhythm, dramatic stage presence, and great attitudes. 

The choir performs on the auditorium stage and rehearses in a newly renovated studio. It has room for 60-plus students with room for risers and band equipment. Mirrored walls allow performers to watch themselves as they’re learning and practicing dances. 

Visions’ competition season runs late-January and sometimes into March. The choir travels to numerous show choir competitions around the state of Mississippi, as well as Alabama and Tennessee. We perform locally at the Downtown Jubilee and stage two performances — a Winter Spectacular first semester and Spring Revue second semester — for home audiences.

Watch the audience favorite from the 2023 competition show —
Watch the trailer for this season’s competition show.
Students performing on auditorium stage

Don't sing or dance but still want to be a part of Visions? You can help behind the scenes by becoming a crew member. Manage production elements such as lighting, sound, and costumes and support the choir during their performances. We have had numerous students who have successfully developed careers in areas that they discovered on set.

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