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Coach: Lois Gaskin
Assistant Coach: Kim Holland


Student archery at Grenada School District is unique among other sports and activities. It requires no prior skill and welcomes all competitors, regardless of gender, race, age, and physical abilities. One need not be athletically inclined to join, which may explain why so many students from grades 4-12 participate — and often excel — in Grenada’s archery program.

You may recognize the team’s coach, Lois Gaskin, the district’s tireless groundskeeper. “I’ve shot an awful lot of arrows,” the coach says, “so if you follow my steps, you will be good. Learn to use muscle control and do exactly the same movements every time, and you can become an arrow-shooting machine.”

With the help of GES 4-5 school nurse Kim Holland, Gaskin works with the high school team — made up of students in grades 7-12 — on Tuesday afternoons in he spring from 4-5:30 p.m. at the GES 4-5 Green Top gym. 

The teams travel to other schools to compete, and often Coach Gaskin will host mock tournaments in the Green Top gym. Students shoot by competition rules, and the coaches use the team scores to compare against other high schools to determine how Grenada stacks up.

Matches are scored with teams of 24 shooters. The top 12 scores — with a set number of males and females, determined by the competition rules — are combined to calculate a school team’s match scores.

Tryouts for the team are held in the spring. No experience is required to try out.

GHS Archery Team 2022