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Grenada’s Middle College program is an alternative for students who desire a different high school experience.  Students may qualify to take college courses as a junior and receive an associate’s degree or national certification by the time they graduate from high school.

This is terrific news for ambitious scholars who can’t wait to earn a college degree, students eager to enter the workforce with accreditation, and first-generation college students with limited means who may be able to achieve an advanced education at a drastically reduced cost.

Choose one of two paths:

How Much Does the Program Cost?

GSD will assist in paying the tuition and fees for students. The tuition for a student at Holmes Community College will be $1,350 plus $17 per hour per semester ($1,605). That equates to $2,700 (academic) or $3,210 (vocational), or a total saving of over $5,400/$6,420. 

If a student fails a class or withdrawals, he or she is responsible for paying the tuition.


Is Middle College Right for You?

If you’re a student who participates in extra activities, this program may not be for you. By enrolling in Middle College, you are not only taking on a heavy academic workload, you are also agreeing to meet these expectations:

  • Complete all of the courses required for your program of study.

  • Devote a minimum of 3 hours to homework and study.

  • Arrive to school daily and to all classes on time.

  • Complete all MDE, Grenada School District, and GHMC requirements.

  • Keep your parents informed of your academic progress at GHMC.

  • Adhere to Holmes Community College attendance requirements.

Grenada School District Middle College

Ezzard BeaneProgram Director