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Dual Credit Courses

Two girls work at computers in the GHS College Room


Our school’s emphasis on dual credit/enrollment offers great opportunities for industrious students.

GHS currently partners with Holmes Community College to offer an array of college classes, both online and in the classroom. High school juniors and seniors may earn college hours while fulfilling their high school credits as well. Some of these classes are taught by GHS teachers during the normal school day, while others are completed online by the student in his or her own time.

To be eligible, a student must maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA, and some classes require a minimum ACT score. We encourage sophomores to take their ACT early so they’ll be ready to meet these requirements by their junior year.

Credits received through Holmes Community College may transfer to other public in-state institutions and count towards a student’s degree requirements.  If a student plans to transfer coursework to a private or out-of-state institution, the student and counselors will work together to verify that credits will transfer prior to beginning the course. 


So why, when students are already so busy with class work and extracurricular activities, should they pursue college so early?

For starters, taking dual-credit classes prepares students for the rigor of college classes. 

Some students supplement the high school course load with college classes and even spend their senior year in dual-enrollment, actually attending classes at the Holmes Community College campus here in Grenada. Students have split their time, attending high school in the morning and college in the afternoon. For students eager to begin their career, it’s possible to both fulfill high school credits and earn enough college hours to graduate from GHS and be eligible to enter a specialized program such as nursing.

Dual-credit hours are useful even to students who wish to attend college but haven’t decided on a major. Taking college English and math courses frees up their college schedule so they can explore other interests. Maybe a student is considering medical school but would like to satisfy a curiosity by taking an intro to law course.

GHS counselors direct students to dual-credit classes that count toward high school requirements. The classes are weighted, so they enhance GPAs. They also count toward advanced electives. Taking advanced courses looks good to college recruiters when they’re considering a student’s application. These high-level classes demonstrate a student’s willingness to tackle challenging work.

If you still have questions about Dual Credit classes at GHS, contact Dr. Kathryn Cox by email or calling 662-226-8844.

The College Room

GHS College 101 is an active learning classroom designed for dual-credit students taking college-level courses at the high school. 

The room was created to feel like a genuine college environment with modern furniture and technology to facilitate advanced learning. “It’s like walking out of high school into a college classroom,” says Principal Emily Tindall. “Only on the same campus and in the same building.”

The double-sized room is divided into multiple centers for independent or group study. Students can choose rolling chairs at ergonomic tables or bar stool chairs at high-top tables. There are even cafe-style couches and tables, as well as a refrigerator with snacks and water. 

The room is set up as both a classroom, where teachers can guide dual-credit students through lessons, or as a common area where students can come and perform their virtual classwork.

Around the wide room there are four large-screen televisions that can be used for visual presentations and video learning material. A teacher can invite a student working from a laptop to cast their work right onto the screen for the class to see.